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root default mailbox to INBOX in Windows Microsoft Outlook and Similar clients

If after configuring your email client with IMAP, you are not receiving emails, then you will have to define default folder path in email client settings for imap. When you set the “Root folder path” option in your account settings, Outlook and other email clients will usually recognize the correct folders.  View Article

Problems in sending mail, receiving seems fine

Problems in sending mail, receiving seems fine With so many email programs running on your pc with diverse settings, you might face problems with your existing email account. If you face difficulties in sending emails from your account, you must first ensure that your email client is adequately configured. Here are the SMTP SSL and […]  View Article

Can I forward my mail to a different email address?

Yes you can. Email forwards are really handy. I use one as sort of a disposable email address to protect my real email address. For example if I have to put my email address in on a site I’m not 100% sure of I’ll use my forward. That way if that website starts spamming me […]  View Article

Can I set it up so I receive mail sent to anything @mydomain.com?

Yes you can recieve mail sent to anything @yourdomain.com. This is not normally recomended because spammers will send spam to random email addresses @yourdomain.com.  View Article

How do I check my email on a Surface Tablet?

Setting up your email address on a Microsoft surface tablet is  really quick and easy. Lets get it setup.  View Article

How do I setup my email program to check my mail?

We have a few articles on specific email programs. In this article I’ll give you the information for setting up most any email program. You can check your mail via IMAP or POP3. With IMAP your emails is stored on the server. With POP3 your email is downloaded to your email program. I normally use pop3 on computers and IMAP on cell phones and tablets but you can use either one.  View Article

Do I have webmail? If so how do I access webmail?

You do have webmail. In fact you have three different email systems so you can use the one that you like best.  View Article

How do I change my email account’s password?

Changing an e-mail address’s password is pretty simple using your hosting control panel (cPanel). Let me show you how.  View Article

When I try to check mail I keep getting a login screen or username and password mismatch error.

If you get this error the username or password you’re using is incorrect. Make sure you’re using the full email address as the username. (example@yourdomain.com) Make sure you’re using the email address you set for this email address when you created it. Passwords are also case sensitive. If needed you can always reset your email […]  View Article

How do I setup my email account in windows live mail?

Lets get your email address setup in windows live mail. It’ll only take a few minutes.   View Article