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Can I forward my mail to a different email address?

Yes you can. Email forwards are really handy. I use one as sort of a disposable email address to protect my real email address. For example if I have to put my email address in on a site I’m not 100% sure of I’ll use my forward. That way if that website starts spamming me or sale my address to spammers they only spam the forward and I can easily delete it to stop getting the spam. Lets set one up:


Login to your hosting control panel (cPanel) and click forwarders in the email section.


Click the add forwarder button.


In address add the email address you want to setup. Then under destination check forward to address and enter the email address you want the email sent to. 


If you have a program like a helpdesk system that you need to pipe email to that’s under the advanced option. 


Once you click add forwarder you’ll get a confirmation page. 

Note: Let’s say you have address@example.com setup as an email account. Then you add a forward to forward mail sent to address@example.com to your gmail account. All mail sent to address@example.com will go to the address@example.com’s inbox AND your gmail account.

If you have any questions or problems comment below or contact support.