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Website Hosting Overview

The purpose of this article is to give you a quick overview of the tools you have at your disposal. I’ll also cover how to access and get more information about each one. If you have questions please let us know we’re here to help.  View Article

IMAP takes too long to load or times out

When Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird, & other IMAP clients slow down With crucial business correspondence arriving via email at all hours of the day, a lagging email account can be a problem–but if you’re experiencing delays, you’re not alone. Your computer itself might be working hard while syncing your emails–causing you to experience slow loading times […]  View Article

Problems in sending mail, receiving seems fine

Problems in sending mail, receiving seems fine With so many email programs running on your pc with diverse settings, you might face problems with your existing email account. If you face difficulties in sending emails from your account, you must first ensure that your email client is adequately configured. Here are the SMTP SSL and […]  View Article

How to add an image to a wordpress page or post

  View Article

How to manage wordpress menus.

  View Article

How to set a static front page in wordpress.

  View Article

Need a background Image? Try this background generator it works great.

Site Origin Background Generator  View Article

Using the SiteOrigin page builder to make wordpress page layout a snap

Page Builder by SiteOrigin Black Studio TinyMCE Widget  View Article

root default mailbox to INBOX in Windows Microsoft Outlook and Similar clients

If after configuring your email client with IMAP, you are not receiving emails, then you will have to define default folder path in email client settings for imap. When you set the “Root folder path” option in your account settings, Outlook and other email clients will usually recognize the correct folders.  View Article

I changed my hosting account’s password now I can’t publish my site. What do I do?

Changing your hosting accounts password changes your FTP password as well. Since trendy tools uses FTP to publish changes the password will need to be updated to get it working again.   View Article