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10 websites with free Prestashop themes

Prestashop is a very popular shopping cart system. It’s one of our most popular one click installs.  Here’s a list of a few sites that offer free themes for Prestashop.  View Article

Phishing scam “Fatal ERROR! Data lost risk!”

We’ve gotten a few reports of a new phishing/scam email that’s going around. The subject line is “Fatal ERROR! Data lost risk!” and the body of the email looks like this: ***************************************************************************************** Message from CPanel Network Server Monitor, 10/20/2013 00:03:00: Item: DRIVER=MYSQL Server; MYSQL Result: Fatal ERROR! Data lost risk! Explanation: ERROR: Opening connection to […]  View Article

How to copy a database using cpanel?

You can use Phpmyadmin in cpanel to copy a database easily.  View Article

Can I forward my mail to a different email address?

Yes you can. Email forwards are really handy. I use one as sort of a disposable email address to protect my real email address. For example if I have to put my email address in on a site I’m not 100% sure of I’ll use my forward. That way if that website starts spamming me […]  View Article

Can I set it up so I receive mail sent to anything

Yes you can recieve mail sent to anything This is not normally recomended because spammers will send spam to random email addresses  View Article

How do I add a cron job?

Cron jobs are used to automate tasks. For example if you have a script that you need run every hour you can create a cron job to do just that. Lets set one up.  View Article

How do I block an IP or domain from accessing my website?

Blocking an IP or domain (hostname) can be very useful. For example if you have someone sending you spam via your contact form you can block their IP to stop it. Here’s how to do it.  View Article

How and why to use hotlink protection?

Hotlinking is a serious problem with sites that contain lot of images.  Since these sites are exposed to high traffic due to image searches , there is high risk of resource drain. A hotlink is a link to a media file on our site from another website. The owner of the third party site decides […]  View Article