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Our Network

The strength of any hosting provider rests on its network reliability – and our network is so reliable that we offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Take a look at the way our network and datacenter is set up, and you’ll see why we are able to stand behind our promise.

Fully optimized network routing

Our network optimization is enabled by probes, which are sent out automatically at fixed intervals and measure latency and packet loss for each path. Our system analyzes this data and automatically reroutes data so that it travels along the best path.

Premier network providers

Our optimized network routing is supported by our choice of multiple, top tier providers to provide redundancy at all points along the network path. Our providers include:
  • Yipes
  • Level(3)
  • Genuity
  • Time Warner Telecom
  • Sprint
  • AT&T

Superior equipment and hardware

We choose only the best equipment and hardware for our servers, datacenter, and network. All data is sent through high speed Gigabit Ethernet Fiber and Cisco Catalyst switching equipment. There are four diverse fiber paths feeding 5 OC-48s, 1 OC-12, and 1 Multi Gigabit Ethernet Ring of data and voice services. This provides you with a fast, reliable and redundant connection to the internet. To serve your data, we use high quality servers with dual P4 Xeon 2.4Ghz processors with 2GB RAM and high-performance SCSI hard drives.

Carefully planned datacenter environment

Our datacenter is situated in a state-of-the-art environment to protect and deliver your data. Here are some details: Space
  • +10,000 square feet of antistatic raised floor space
  • 1.5 Megawatt Cummins Diesel Generator with 24X7 fuel contracts in place.
  • Three-225 KvA Liebert uninterruptible power supplies with multiple battery strings.
  • Dual DC power plants
  • Flexible power options to include multiple configurations of AC & DC.
  • 4 diverse fiber paths feeding; 5 OC-48s, 1 OC-12, and 1 Multi Gigabit Ethernet Ring of data and voice services.
  • Carrier Neutral
Security and Monitoring
  • Multiple levels of internal security
  • 24 x 7 onsite staff
  • 24 x 7 facilities monitoring
  • Card key access systems
  • Video surveillance
  • Separate cooling zones with over 100 tons of cooling delivered by Liebert HVAC systems
  • Environmental Monitoring Systems maintaining constant temperature and humidity
  • Under floor leak detection ring
Fire Suppression
  • ECS Series FM-200 based fire suppression
  • Separate protected area zones
  • Dual stage detection system
  • Ceiling and in-floor based detectors

Locking Server Cabinets

Liebert 20 Ton HVAC

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

1.5 Megawatt Cummins Diesel Generator