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Add a website monitoring notification list

A notification list gives you a way to group contacts to be added to alerts. Lets add one.


In the client area put your mouse on website monitoring then choose the notification lists option.


Click add notification list.


Put in any name you want. Click Next.


Here you want to choose the contacts you want to add to this list. Click save.


Now you will see a few options.

  • Send First Alert: this allows you to delay the 1st email. This is handy if you have more than one contact. For example I want my webmaster to get a notice the first time there’s a problem. But don’t bother the owner with an email unless there have been 5 failures.
  • Repeat: This allows you to skip some emails. So for example if you have the service checked every 5 minutes. You get the first problem notice then if you have this set to after every 1 check you’ll get an email every 5 minutes. If you set this to every 2 checks you’ll get an email every 10 minutes.
  • Max Alerts per Failure: This keeps you from getting flooded with emails should there be an extended outage.
  • Recovery Alert: Do you want a recovery email to let you know the server is back online?

That’s all there is to it. Now you’re ready to add a check.