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When I go to my site I see “index of” why?

The web server shows an “Index Of” page when it can’t find a index page. To get your home page to load automatically just rename it index.

The web server looks for index files in this order:

  1. index.htm
  2. index.html
  3. index.shtml
  4. index.xhtml
  5. index.wml
  6. index.perl
  7. index.pl
  8. index.plx
  9. index.ppl
  10. index.cgi
  11. index.jsp
  12. index.js
  13. index.jp
  14. index.php4
  15. index.php3
  16. index.php
  17. index.phtml
  18. default.htm
  19. default.html
  20. home.htm
  21. index.php5
  22. Default.html
  23. Default.htm
  24. home.html

So for example if you have a file named index.htm and a file named index.html the web server will find index.htm first and that page will load automatically.

Also be sure to upload your files into the public_html directory. If you’re using FTP or the file manage to upload files you’ll see that directory when you login. All of your website files have to be in that directory to view them on the web.

I Hope this helps and as always if you need anything just let us know.