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How do I disable the php magic quotes option?

To disable magic quotes you just need to edit/create two files. This can be done using the file manager in your hosting control panel (cPanel) or via FTP.

If you want to disable magic quotes for your entire website add/edit these files in your public_html directory. If you only need it disabled in a subdirectory add/edit them in the sub directory.

First create a file named php.ini. In that file add this:

[code lang=”text”]magic_quotes_gpc = Off[/code]

Then edit or create a file named .htaccess and add:

[code lang=”bash”] <IfModule mod_suphp.c> # Loads the module mod_suphp.c suPHP_ConfigPath /home/USERNAME/public_html/ <Files php.ini> order allow,deny deny from all </Files> </IfModule> [/code]

Replace USERNAME in the suPHP_ConfigPath line with your real username and the path to the folder if your disabling magic quotes in a sub directory.

That should do it. If you have any problems or questions comment below or contact support.